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Since business school, I knew (even if only subconsciously until 2016) that I wanted to start a business and help people in some capacity. Climbing the corporate ladder in retail stores and marketing positions was amazing, but this energy inside me never felt truly fulfilled. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my entrepreneurial energy, but I knew these roles were not the solution.

A lot of people have dealt with, or are currently dealing with anxiety in some form. We are being told that it is something you can live with. What if medication and therapy was…

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The universe is always trying to connect with us, saying “wake up, these mediocre habits you have, are not getting you to your full potential! Do you really think you were born to be average?”

Negative thoughts.

Working hard at work but not giving the same energy to our own projects.

Not taking the gym seriously.

Meat with every meal.

Numbing our emotions.

Where is the balance? And if you have lofty goals, it’s probably time for a lifestyle upgrade. As the seasons change, and goals change we face different mental battles and have to maintain some form of consistency…

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On one end of the spectrum, it feels like the external world became extremely chaotic in 2020 so that we could see that our internal world and old ways can be changed with a reality check. Most of the mass consciousness went from not wanting to wear a mask to accepting it as a necessary garment. Mass consciousness went from feeling plant-based living was such a foreign concept to understanding eating more fruits and vegetables is essential. At this point in 2020, developing empathy as a new baseline can be considered essential to prosper in our seemingly chaotic world.

The Age of Information and Anatomy of Longtail


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The current times are strange to say the least. And with the news, each consuming headline, the hopes for a vaccine and the return to a somewhat normal world, here are 10 mantras to save to your archives to recall any time you feel like you can’t see the light in all that is happening right now. I also encourage you to make some mantras of your own. You might find more positives that make your heart sing that aren’t listed below.

10 Mantras About The New World Emerging

  1. There is a new world being birthed within the dying world.
  2. Old systems are breaking down. Unfortunately it…

About 5 years ago, I started spending a lot more time in the sun because it felt like heaven on Earth on a cellular level. Shortly after eating a more plant-based diet, the few moments spent in the sun would feel like a breath of fresh air. In light of the global wellness push, let’s discussed the notion of solar-powered humans as this will help cure a lot of disease, mental health issues, and likely be the key to reversing aging.

As a child, with a high meat diet, I was prescribed sunglasses to stop getting sun headaches. After switching…

It’s one thing to start becoming more conscious and in tune with the universe energetically, but to have a spiritual awakening (or another one) during a global pandemic? It can feel scary, unwelcoming and just overall ‘what the hell is going on’?! It appears that spiritual awakenings, with a more concrete term, a dark night of the soul is likely being sent to everyone that can handle it. Let’s talk about some ways you can stay grounded as this energetic upgrade passes you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

What is a Dark Night of the Soul?

The Dark Night of the Soul is when your soul is being…

Plant-based eating is the key to ultimate healing for the mind, body, and soul, here’s why.

Back in 2015, I had severe depression and after deciding I was going to take the alternative medicine route, I made a promise to the Universe ‘If I never have to take depression medicine again I will give up eating meat forever.’

This was before the plant-based movement really picked up. Sometimes I feel like I was *unlocked* into the world of mental health in 2015 to share my story with others in 2020.

I had recalled a series of youtube interviews where people…

Biophotons, consciousness, and the will to fulfill your purpose.

We have so much research on light, the speed of light and the visible light spectrum but the conversation around the light we possess as a human is often separated.

The Link Between our Soul and Light is Expanding our Consciousness

The link between our soul and speed of light is surrendering. The more light, scientifically measured as biophotons in the human body, we can activate within us for ultimate peace, happiness, fulfillment and love the more our soul shines through. Higher levels of human consciousness, known as peace, joy, love and enlightenment are the missing link. Every living being possess biophotons…

Health as we know it now has the ability to change forever, globally. We can make the new standard of health based on the total energy we carry opposed to just focusing on our physical and mental self.

We’re having more conversations, on a global scale about the importance of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health making this the right time for the shift. We’re realizing that a lot of what we’ve been taught is no longer working. New systems have been emerging for years in small communities, but not yet at a global conversation like this.

We’re seeing body…

Overcoming suffering and finding your faith frees the warrior inside you.


  1. Why Do We Suffer?
  2. Changing your Perspective
  3. A Thicker Cerebral Cortex from A Spiritual Practice
  4. How to Find Faith When you Don’t Have Any

Why Do We Suffer?

Why do we continually suffer when we are all filled with light, intuition, protected and guided? It seems like an odd equation without more understanding. And in hindsight, when we know life is given to us to create, to build upon a reality that is beyond our wildest imagination. When in the thick of our suffering, that high level thought tends to go out the…

Jasmine Torok

Sharing ways to increase energy levels naturally🌱.

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